9 Positives That Can Happen to Your Body If You Start Eating 2 Eggs Daily

Eggs are easily the most used food in any country’s cuisine. Not only are they an easy meal to make, but they are also mandatory for the success of many a dish. Aside of being an indispensable ingredient, they are also among the healthiest foods one can consume.
Eggs are filled with nutrients that range from healthy fats, antioxidants, amino acids, and choline. Choline is the substance that stands front and center in the operation of burning fat in the body, thus reducing weight and maintaining the body’s optimal health. With how brimming they are with vitamins and proteins, eggs are easily among the most nutritious foods to be consumed, right up there with garlic and onions. To show you just how useful they are, here are 9 positive changes your body will undergo should you start consuming 2 eggs on a daily basis.

9. Brain food

Eggs are a brain food, meaning that some substances in eggs improve the brain’s functions and maintain it optimality. As several studies have concluded, the consumption of 2 eggs a day improves cognitive capabilities, and decrease the aging process of the brain cells by up to 55%. The previous two causes are why it is encouraged to feed toddlers 2 eggs a day in order to allow them to improve their cognitive prowess at a much faster rate.

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