9 Positives That Can Happen to Your Body If You Start Eating 2 Eggs Daily

Eggs are easily the most used food in any country’s cuisine. Not only are they an easy meal to make, but they are also mandatory for the success of many a dish. Aside of being an indispensable ingredient, they are also among the healthiest foods one can consume.

Eggs are filled with nutrients that range from healthy fats, antioxidants, amino acids, and choline. Choline is the substance that stands front and center in the operation of burning fat in the body, thus reducing weight and maintaining the body’s optimal health. With how brimming they are with vitamins and proteins, eggs are easily among the most nutritious foods to be consumed, right up there with garlic and onions. To show you just how useful they are, here are 9 positive changes your body will undergo should you start consuming 2 eggs on a daily basis.

1. Brain food

Eggs are a brain food, meaning that some substances in eggs improve the brain’s functions and maintain it optimality. As several studies have concluded, the consumption of 2 eggs a day improves cognitive capabilities, and decrease the aging process of the brain cells by up to 55%. The previous two causes are why it is encouraged to feed toddlers 2 eggs a day in order to allow them to improve their cognitive prowess at a much faster rate.

2. Vision

Eggs contain lutein in ample amounts. Lutein is a substance that belongs to the carotenoids, and it improves eyesight and maintains it for a lot longer than usual. Eating 2 eggs daily will keep your eyes young and your eyesight 20/20, and it might even improve it altogether. Lutein is also an anti-aging substance, which is why it is so useful in the maintenance of the youth of your eyes’ cells.

3. Calcium Absorption

Eggs are more than brimming with vitamin D, one of the most bone-friendly vitamins. Vitamin D is a main factor in the increase of bone density and endurance, not to mention completely mending fractures. Daily consumption of eggs allows the body to absorb calcium faster, therefore strengthening the skeleton and maintaining said strength for quite a long time, which is where the long term use of eggs reveals itself.

4. Hair, skin and liver

Eggs are not only useful for the inside of your body, but also the outside. While they are certainly useful for maintaining your liver’s health, they are also incredibly beneficial to both your hair and skin by virtue of containing vitamin B, which improves the skin’s health and glow while protecting it from any pigmentation-targeting disease, and strengthens the hair and gives it a healthy shine.

5. Cardiovascular illnesses

Eggs are useful for regulating cholesterol due to their richness in phospholipids, which does the latter splendidly. Daily consumption of up to 2 eggs decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases while decreasing the aging process of the heart and the entire blood stream.

6. Losing weight

Eggs are rich in choline amino acids, which are useful for burning unhealthy fat. Contrary to popular belief, eggs’ richness in proteins does not contribute in increasing weight, for they are counterweighed by the amino acids. Eggs make you full faster and with less food while increasing your metabolism’s speed, therefore allowing you to lose weight at a faster rate.

7. Protection from cancer

Eggs are some of the most ferocious fighters of cancer, as deduced by several studies conducted about eggs effect on cancerous cells. As it seems, eggs decrease the risk of developing breast cancer by 24%. A recent study shows that eating at least 6 days a week decreases the risk of conducting several types of cancer by up to 50%, which shows just how amazing eggs are.

8. Fertility/pregnancy

Eggs are abundant in folic acid and vitamin B9, which are useful in lowering the risk of developing any sperm deformations while increasing the sperm count over twofold. Pregnancy consultants advise their patients to add all sorts of foods to their diet, with eggs front and center in these foods. Not only do they increase the chances of pregnancy, but also, should you get pregnant, the fetus’s growth rate is increased thanks to the folic acid in eggs that helps in DNA replication.

9. Aging process

Eggs are a rather underrated gold mine. They contain zeaxanthin, which is a substance that slows down aging and, coupled with vitamin A, also improves the body’s functions as a whole.